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About Us

Our Mission


ECHH provides lodging and meals at little to no cost for inmates’ families. We meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We pray that you find love, acceptance and fellowship during your stay here.

Our Objectives
  • Provide shelter and food for inmates’ families

  • Ensure a safe, peaceful and loving environment

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships and increase contact among families experiencing similar situations

  • Help you cope with the thoughts and feelings that occur when a family member is incarcerated

  • Provide access to counseling services

  • Facilitate love, acceptance and fellowship

Our Directors

Tim and Yogi Christesson have served as co-directors of the Eunice Chambless Hospitality House since 2008. From welcoming visitors and arranging reservations to upkeep, cleaning, fundraising and writing thank you notes, Tim and Yogi serve day-in and day-out to keep ECHH ready for families. They have a heart for serving the Lord and showing love to those in need. Before serving at ECHH, they were house parents for eight years at the Hendrick Home of Children in Abilene. They were also business owners in Meadow, Texas, for many years. The Christessons have two children and three granddaughters.

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